Cigarette Pants.


Most days when I wake up, my thoughts go as follows:

  • Is it really time to get up?
  • Did I have any homework due today?
  • I wonder if my hair is going to cooperate with me today . . .
  • What should I wear today?
  • Wait . . . what is the weather like?
  • Do I have to dress up for anything?
  • Wait . . . who am I kidding . . . I dress up even if I don’t have to.
  • I don’t want to get out of bed . . . it’s cold out there . . .
  • Don’t make me leave the warmth of my blankets!

Once I finally get up, I stumble over to my closet. Stare at it blankly then shuffle over to my dresser. Eventually I find something to put on my body. Being tired and indecisive does not make getting dressed in the morning an easy task, but it usually turns out all right.




Pants: Ann Taylor, Jacket: Topshop (Similar here),  Watch: Fossil

Photos by Mel Kerigan


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